im going to the Benedictine Monastery

im going to live in with these monks for 3 days tomorrow

and see how they live theyre lives

really amazing! im excited :D
No talking! Just observe and pray Elmer D. it will be a good experience for you sir. God Bless you abundantly :)

Chili Bro out.


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Benedictines are a great bunch. There is much to be said for a life of simplicity and contemplation.
I still have an open invite from some of the monks on Mt. Athos (Greek Orthodox), maybe some year I'll get around to seeing them.


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SOunds like a great way to spend a weekend. God bless your endeavors.
oh yeap they have silent hours lol

it was really fun, i had a chance to meet some of them, they have different characters how funny lol

i love the chanting...i too want to have their voice lol