I'm Looking For Feedback On A New Christian Business I Started

Hello everyone,

I recently started a Christian, web-based financial publishing company. Financial publishing companies have been around for decades publishing what are typically called investment newsletters. There is one subscription based investment newsletter on my site, in addition to free educational material, articles, etc. I have asked a lot of Christian men and women that I know personally to give me feedback. Since they know me, it has mostly been very generic, overly nice stuff like "yeah, looks great!" So, I'm hoping for real feedback. For example, after reading through some of the articles, can anyone see the value in what I am doing? What are your initial impressions? Any other thoughts? Is the investing 101 lesson I posted helpful, and easy to understand for those who have limited knowledge of investments? The purpose of this post is to genuinely seek feedback, not just to drive traffic to my site. So, I really appreciate any thoughts anyone might share! If you would rather give me your thoughts privately, my email address is [email protected] Oh, and the site is http://wisdomsreward.com/ Thank you so much for taking the time to help!

I see value in it. Regarding the site, it looks nice. The framework is done. Just need more articles. A kind of taste of what your newsletter will be like? Perhaps include a page where Christians can share how God blessed them financially?

How detailed is your newsletter? I guess thats what it really comes down to.

On the 'about us' page there is a spelling mistake ''subsequently restored by a loving Savior''.
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback. The newsletter is pretty detailed but is also a work in progress. I'm actually going to be on a call later today researching a new way to include more detailed research using the tools I have available (yes, i'm researching research haha). A page for testimonies related to finances is a good idea. I did write one story about how God used investments to bless someone I know personally. It's called, Wisdom's Reward: A Case Study of Unlikely Wisdom. It's a pretty amazing story. I'm not sure if you clicked on the Articles tab or not, but a lot more articles are found there. What you see listed on the front page is just the last few articles. If you are interested in giving me even more feedback, I could send you some sample copies of the newsletter reports to see what you think of them. Either way, thank you!
By the way, I have prayed earnestly, dug into the word, and asked God to guide me about my revenue model. As a result, I am seriously considering making everything on the site freely accessible and just going to a voluntary contribution model to fund the effort. I think that would be in keeping with the spirit of Jesus' instruction to the 72 found in Luke 10:7-8, "Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house. When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is offered to you." The effort requires some expense, but a very large amount of time and effort on my part, so I thought this scripture was very applicable. If anyone has any thoughts or guidance to share about that, please let me know! Thanks!