I'm New To This!

Hey! I'm New to this! So what now?
Welcome to cfs,
You ask now what?
Well its a forum so I could take a stab at it and say, well join in some conversation and fellowship. :)

As you look around the forum Please Make Sure to read over the following and familiarize your self how things work here at cfs. This will aid in making sure your time at cfs is a joyful and a peaceful time.

1. Forum Policies and Procedures
2. Topics which May Not be Discussed in the open forum

Again Welcome to cfs


Welcome to the site Mr. Rylee.
You're a member of a knowledgeable community; there is a great amount of information here to read through, however if the Lord gives you an idea, why not share it with us? ;)
It can be an intimidating place new forums, however the staff are here to help and guide you, especially if this is your first forums.
I hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing you around. (y)


Staff Member on LOA
Welcome to CFS. We look forward to fellowship with you.
Hi. I'm new to this, too. You're not alone =)
Next step, idk myself. I have just been letting Christian music minister to me and praying and copying Scriptures in hope they will penetrate my heart and take root. God promises to never leave nor forsake us. I hope this helps you in some way.

Great way to get the Word into your spirit.