I'm NEW!

I'm NEW!

Hello everyone!
I am so glad to be joining a Christian forum, and also to get to know some of you! I always have a hard time just talking about me..it feels weird ya know? But I love people, my dog and kitty. <3
Because I am so bad at introducing myself, please ask questions me if you have any!!!
Welcome Nathan! So happy you found our forum. Looking forward to fellowship and worship with you.

This is a great Christian forum...I think you'll like it here.

Blessings, Cheri

Hi, Nathan! Nice to have found someone else who likes John Piper books. I love to listen to his sermons too on Desiring God site. Be blessed.
Hi Nathan,
I just joined a few days ago myself-- everybody here seems to be very nice. Glad to see you around :) God bless!