ima fresh newbie!

ima fresh newbie!

Hey there! just wanted to post and say im new! im hoping to meet an make good christian friends to help me along my walk to getting a better spiritual relationship. i dont have close friends besides my husband and family that believe in god. an its really hard to stay on the right path when your always around the negative. well yea neways please reply back. im really excited to grow spiritually an to make new buds. thanks so much. much love and peace


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Hi, Cassie - Welcome to CFS. Feel free to fellowship with our members and enjoy your time here. :) Nice to have you with us and may God bless.

Hi, welcome!!! We're so glad you found us!

This is a wonderful forum to learn about and grow in the Lord! It is filled with so many wonderful Chrsitians from whom I've learned so much! I think you'll love it here!

So that you can acquaint yourself with our forum, please view the following links:

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Blessings, Cheri



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to the family sister. We are so glad you decided to join us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Have a blessed day,

Hi there,

Its a been a while since we had someone new on our site... :welcome:

Hope you enjoy your stay here