in desperate need of help.

in desperate need of help.

Hey guys,
Well I used to post here a lot, and have stopped recently in the last few months! Just been very busy I guess, I apologize!

Fitting that I should come back when I need help… basically, a strong sense of God over the past year has faded. I no longer feel I know God or even if he’s there. I know he is… but I constantly can’t get past my own self worthlessness. I feel I am a terrible person and that satan may get a hold of me. It’s terrifying.

I recently got back from a trip to London, something God blessed me with… as I had an amazing, incredible trip. However, since I’ve got back I’ve realized I’m in way under my head… getting a credit card in order to pay for things overseas proved to be a very bad idea. I’m in a fair amount of credit card debt that I’m slowly paying off… also got slapped with a very large phone bill when returning from UK.

I realize being only 18 I was very naïve when going overseas with the costs and everything and it’s just overwhelming juggling debt, work, university etc. But also, because of rushing to work and uni, I think I got caught with a speeding fine (I know, I’m an idiot…) and I think I face losing my license now. This is so devastating to me because I need my license for work and university..and I guess, a strong sense of "what will everyone think".

Being 19, in debt and facing losing my license I am just feeling like my life is falling apart. An amazing start to 2009 with the trip has become my nightmare. I feel so far from God and was wondering if anyone could pray.

I know money issues and being scared about my driving etc is so material and it won't matter in the long run when I'm with God... but I can't help stressing over everything. I wake up constantly feeling sick, can't eat... I have always been an anxious person and when there is something facing me I worry constantly. I have tried turning to God and pray all the time.. But because I don't feel him right now, it's very difficult.
I love God so much, but feel so alone.

I am trusting that whatever happens is God’s will and that if I break human laws I have human consequences… it’s just hard, and I feel like I don’t have a relationship with God anymore. L could you please pray for me...God's blessings.


God is still there. Take some time each day and seek His face. If it seems fruitless at first press in anyway. Sometimes we have to get passed the condemnation we have for ourselves before we can really understand His forgiveness and love for us, but again He is there.
As far as the finances those can be worked out. Try talking to a Pastor (preferably) or a debt counselor. If you choose the later do your homework to find out if they are legitimate as there are some dishonest folks out there.
Anyway I am glad to see you made it back safely and confident that God will be there to walk you through this valley.
I empathize Lyssa10. Wish I could help you out financially at the moment but I am just in the ground stages of building my business. I would like to invite you to be an author on my blog though, if you're interested. You could get your message out to a fair amount of people every day (as I work tirelessly to get readers to my blog - it's a newly formed blog btw, so the readership isn't as tremendous as I'd like it to be, but in time I'm confident that with God's help the readership will skyrocket). Anyways, I'll be praying for you.

God bless..

Miss J (aka MJ)
Welcome back, Lyssa. I got my first and only traffic ticket when I was 18, having just moved from home to go to school. I ran a red light in front of a cop. Unless the laws have changed considerably from 30 years ago, I doubt your license is in jeopardy. You'll probably have to pay a fine and that's it, unless you've got a bunch of other traffic tickets or something, then it could be more serious.

Better you learn about the pitfalls of credit now, early in your adult life, than later. With some guidance, you'll get through this and be much wiser for it.

This is where faith truly comes in to play. When your relationship with God depends on His Truth rather than feelings, you are putting faith in to action. Ya done left Egypt and gone marching in the wilderness. Scary, but if you keep on marching you'll come to the Promised Land. For me, it was rather a relief when I realized my feeling God's presence had little bearing on the reality of His presence. If you keep on pressing in, as Boanerges said, and keep on seeking to obey and serve Him, you have a relationship with Him. Don't think He has forgotten about you or rejected you or has just stopped paying attention. Every time you continue to serve and obey Him and make wise decisions in difficult circumstances He's pumping His fist and saying "Yyyyessssssss! You go, girl!" (or whatever the equivalent of that is in the spiritual realm). As a lifelong christian and the father of a daughter just turned 19, I can guarantee your Heavenly Father has not withdrawn His presence, nor diverted His attention. He's probably just giving you room to grow, and you will.

I will be praying for you.
Hey Lyssa!
I don't think I've chatted with you before,but I just want you to know that I've been in your shoes just a few days ago.I was blessed to have met a brother in Christ who helped me loads.

But it was really a verse in sunday's sermon that the Lord spoke to me.I know that you must be sick of hearing that negativity doesn't come from God,but I'm going to repeat that anyway. :/ because that's what I'm now convinced of,and would like to convince you in the same way.

John 3:17
17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.

Don't believe in God only when you can 'feel' Him.Believe in Him because you're convicted of His cause,His position in your life. Humans are unpredictable,and ever changing.But the Lord remains the same yesterday,today,and tomorrow. We can love Him yesterday,feel His presence today,and forget about Him tomorrow! but His saving grace assures us that He'll always love us,He hates the sin,but loves the sinner.please remember,there's nothing you can do to make Him love you more,and there's nothing you've done,that'd make Him love you less.
Thanks guys. I appreciate this ALOT. I've been going to church alot more, praying more then i usually do and listening to more gospel stuff and it really does help.. I'm feeling better about everything already. I am feeling God alot more.
I think God is showing himself with the issue with the phone bill (in the 4 digits btw) because due to an error my bill is in dispute and my phone company should hopefully be taking money off praise God.
And a few more weeks, working hard my credit card bill should be paid off which is truly great, to not have that riding on my shoulders.
God is truly great and I know he's always with me...thankyou so much guys.