in every thing give thanks


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Hello forgiven;

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife.

There are times my wife and I would love to have a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us.

Late last month we went to spend the weekend with a former church member who is 87. She is a widow and lives in the house by herself. We are concerned about her this Holiday season but her two sons are going to pick her up and take them to have Thanksgiving.

For that we are thankful for her and our thoughts also of being thankful for all the Lord has done.

Via dolarossa

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"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18, KJV

I am never thankful for bad things that happen thats for sure.

but I realise after the bad things, that its always an opportunity to get closer to Him, when things go wrong.....and I am certainly gratefulful and thankful that Hes there to take away my suffering.
yes, and I need to remember that. thanks.šŸ˜Š

sometimes, I forget and feel hard done by. but then the Spirit does remind me, and I feel whole again.
i know there are some that feel they have every i dotted and every t crossed . fact remains our natural mind has a hard time accepting some things in life. and being thankful in all things is one .i been mediating on this for few days in eph 5;20 paul writes giving thanks for everything. . that is a lot to take in.. so do we say to the person who just had a loved one die.. give thanks ? that would be like quoting romans 8:28 while he will and does work all thing together for our good.
we only see our loved one is no longer here. my wife dad passed a month ago died is his sleep in his recliner very peaceful. we can thank God he was not in a hospital with a stroke or even covid.. 58 years of marriage we plan to live forever .but life is not always like the movies ( john wayne) never lost a fight .life can be short imo and yes i have hard time understanding all this give thank for and in all things.
we just have to be thankful for the memories
memories is one thing man cant take away. when paul wrote he LEARNED to be content it was not over night

i will be preaching on this subject this morning and i have to yield myself to let the HolySpirit speak as i have a hard time grasping this my self
and if he was in a hospital with a stroke or Covid, would you still give thanks?
i dont give thanks for the Sickness i give thanks in all things i give thanks for what scripture has to say. i hope this is not going in a wrong direction in 1st thess 5:18 give thanks in all things for this is the will of God. in eph5:20 give thanks for all things .our natural carnal mind does not do giving thanks in all things especially if its bad. can you give thanks in ALL things? to be honest not sure the reason for your question .the Bible says the just shall live by faith can you live by faith in every circumstances ? think about it btw

what does this tell you ?

{ ---.> as i have a hard time grasping this my self ]
whatever the Lord brings our way."
this is where faith trust comes in and we are all still going to school paul said whatever state i am in i Learned be content .he learned the hard way. prisoned striped stoned left for dead false trials shipwrecked after telling them this is not a good thing before setting sail. bit by a viper .had that been us we would have yelled time out. paul was called for this reason a example