In Gratitude

As a sister in the Lord, I want to dedicate this 'Thought for Today'
to the brothers of this website. From the time I've been part of
this 'community', I've learned and been enriched by the wisdom
the Lord displays through the posts of many of the men here.

My prayer is that you continue to grow in the knowledge of Him,
and that your influence grows... for the glory of our Lord, Jesus.


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I've seen it... that a brother responding to doctrinal issues brings
clarity. And while I've made attempts to defend truth a few times,
I'm always relieved when a brother contributes the same truth.
Isn't it great when God brings someone (one of the brothers here in this case), with the same thing that we got as confirmation? It gives me peace knowing, that God loves me so much, that He makes sure i know that it was Him that gave me understanding. Glory be to Jesus! May the Lord richly bless you with an abundance of peace and joy!

Fish Catcher Jim

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Well then again there are some very loving and God fearing sisters in here as well.
I have had the great pleasure of the fellowship with many and they are truly a blessing from God. So I say.........we brothers need God loving sisters almost as much as God fearing sisters need us God fearing brothers....:whistle:
What can I say, But thank YOU and God Bless