In-home Recycling (and Other Recycling)

I was just thinking this morning that I am a major recycler with regard to repurposing and how things are thrown out and given away, in order to make the smallest dent on our earth. I'm good at it, but I'm thinking I could be better.

What do you do to recycle things that would otherwise be thrown away? I need to read about your ideas, so I can make improvements.

Thank you!
  • I give a lot to the stores like Goodwill.
  • I use the city's recycling dumps for those things I cannot repurpose or give. They take glass, metal, aluminum, and paper.
  • Old towels and cloths and such become our rags.
  • I only use paper and plastic dishes and tableware for family get-to-gethers so my children do not have to wash so many dishes.
  • I love leftovers!
  • I give my cardboard boxes to a friend who uses them for her business.
Can't think of anything more right now. Can you help me?