In love with Jesus

I was saved when I was six years old. A am now 49, and just discovered who He is. Sure I have always prayed, read the Bible, but my heart was not fully in it. It was all about me, until I realized that I no longer can carry this load alone. I gave up and asked Him to take over.
I am now on the most amazing journey of my life. He whisper His love and wisdom into my heart. I felt His voice in my heart in church one Saturday night. I felt Him calling me to write, so I wrote a book
This took me on a journey into a love so passionate and pure that it melted my pride, as if it was only butter. I am now seeking an agent to help me in publishing the book. In the meantime I have started blogging also. I have to keep writing about Him, I cannot stop, it is life to me. I also hope and pray that it will make a difference for people that read my blog. I have nothing to say on my own, it is only if I let Him lead me that the words begin to flow.
It is so amazing, the more I seek Him, the more love I receive from Him. It never stops. I am so grateful that I can love Him back. If I could not love Him, I would suffocate. By the way, I just read a book, The Sacred Romance, and was amazed at how it seems to mirror much of the experience that I have had since I let go and threw myself into His arms.
It is about the passionate love of Jesus Christ that I experienced when I decided I've had it with being a lukewarm Christian. In the first part of the book I dive into my past, and race through major events up until the turning point of my life. After writing this biography part, I see so clearly that God has been directing my life, even though I had refused to give Him control over my life. I felt God speaking to my heart to write the book, and from that point my life begins to change. I surrender my will to His, and gradually my problems and worries fade further and further away, as God grows bigger and bigger. This part of the book is in the form of a diary, made up of everyday events that leads me into a truly intimate relationship with Jesus. It was such a passionate and personal love that it completely changed how I view God. The book, that begins with worries, ends with me praising God for His love. I know that all is well, through the window of my soul, even though my eyes and ears want to tell me a different story.
Thank you so much for asking. I will read up on the forum rules. Thank you


Welcome and blessings to you.
Your book sounds great, keep up the good work.
I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here and receive much encouragement in current and future endeavors.