Influencing Teenagers Is A Covert-ops Deal!

MUSIC. A Christian radio station playing tunes can do wonders to open up topics of theological nature and can be a launching pad for some teachable moments with eternal reprecussions. Some really good artists (Casting Crowns, TobyMac, Skillet, Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, just to name a few) can teach some good Biblical prinicples without them realizing it! ;)

What are some other ideas you have for keeping your speech and behaviors "salty but not too salty" so as not to make them pucker(exasperate them) and shut you down?
I've also gotten my nephews (they are 12 and 14) with Disciple and Manafest.

With the 12 year old (who is scarily smart) he'll say something inappropriate so then I'll ask him to do things like look up what blasphemy means and stuff like that. This strategy only works if you know the kid of course and know he likes to look things up and learn meanings.
I am fond of both bands! "No Plan B" is really rockin'! I saw Disciple in concert last year and I like them a lot, too! They both have the current beats and great connection of mind and spirit through music.

Thank God that He provides the opportunities. They have so much negative influence today and access to more evil than ever before in history through the convenience of electronic devices. Discernment is necessary when witnessing to young adults as they are becoming their own person and deciding what THEY believe.

I have a son who is good at saying the right thing but as I watch him, I notice he is wrestling with certain facets of doctrine so I try to provide opportunities to discuss doctrine difficulties without being accusatory or personal about it. I have witnessed harsh child rearing in the name of the Lord turn their kids away from them and by extension, from God. I do not wish that for my kids.