Inspirational Christian novel about mission trips!

Mission from the Depths, a Christian novel inspiring its readers through tales of mission work, is available on Amazon!
10% of all sales will go to support the mountain villages featured in the novel

Gazing at the breathtaking stars over the mountains, Michael Rhoades can’t believe how much his life has changed over the past few days. He never thought he’d find joy. He never thought he’d find peace. He never knew it could be so easy.


Michael had spent most of his freshman year at Tulane University feeling alone amongst thousands of students. After turning to alcohol to forget his problems, he faces expulsion for a drunken mistake. He’s mercifully offered community service hours instead.

Later that day, he’s presented with an invitation that will change his life forever: join a mission trip to Honduras. The last thing he wants to do is spend spring break “doing good” with a bunch of strangers. But to erase the required hours in one fell swoop, he agrees to the trip.

Over the course of three missions to Honduras, Michael experiences the highest of highs and lowest of lows. He finds love, develops a relationship with God, and learns valuable life lessons. But then he becomes consumed by pride, gives in to temptation, and almost loses it all.

Mission from the Depths was inspired by my experiences on mission trips to Honduras, and I'm hoping it will inspire the readers to be more thankful and committed to serving others and possibly even join mission trips of their own.


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10% of all sales will go to build a school in the Honduran mountain villages featured in the novel! Check it out!