Intense Prayers Stir Up The Anointing

Right after Elijah had been praying, the bible says, “the hand of the Lord was on Elijah” and he got up and outran the chariots of King Ahab. Isn’t that mind blowing?

When you spend time in continuous and intense prayer, one thing is sure to happen – you’d be energized by the Holy Ghost. At that point, anything is possible!

You can generate such a powerful anointing in your family. You can disarm the power of the enemy in your office. You can stir up supernatural wisdom within you amongst other things.

Jesus fulfilled His promise! He has not left us comfortless! No problem can overwhelm us because we have the Holy Ghost. Therefore, stir up the gift of the Holy Ghost you have received by engaging your soul in heartfelt and continued prayer. Your miracle is here. Your miracle is now.

Say this: I make intense prayers a habit in my life, as a result, I am full of the spirit every time. FOR MORE OF THIS JOIN OUR BBM CHANNEL DAILY DEVOTIONAL OUR CHANNEL PIN IS C004502AA