Interesting Facts

Yesterday’s (8 Nov 2016) date on the Hebrew calendar for the US election was Heshvan 7, 5777.

Trump will be sworn in on 20 Jan 2017, and the serial day number (a number chosen by scientists to start "serial day number, one" as 25 Nov 4714 BC - Gregorian 2 Jan 4713 BC - Julian). The SDN for 20 Jan 2017 is 24,57774.

On that day, Trump will be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old (in Israel - 6 days in America), but Israel is 7 hours ahead of DC time, making it the next day there, and it's their calendar. In the US, it’ll be noon, but 7 pm in Israel.

I just thought that was interesting.
Another interesting facts: The Syrian airport bombing occurred at 2:40am local time on 7 Apr 2017, (8:40pm DC 6 Apr 2017), just 77 days after Pres. Trump being sworn in.

Trump was born 700 days before Israel. 14 Jun 1946 to 14 May 1948 = 700 days. On this day in DC, Apr 6, there were 3 official and 2 unofficial very weak tornadoes and 2 funnel clouds (7 that day) in the DC area. The first tornados in DC in 15 years.
He better stay out of Israel.Che Guevara(same birthday) died in La Higuera (Spanish: "The Fig Tree").