Interesting Trivia

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Interesting Trivia

For those members here who have seen the 1981 movie, "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark", remember back to the anthropologist who was working for the Nazi's to secure the Ark for Hitler's regime ?. The character name was Dr. Rene Beloche as portrayed by actor Paul Freeman.

NOW - fast forward to 2008. The Traveler's Insurance Company, in their multi-national commercial advertising, features a distinguished looking British gentleman carrying a 35 foot high red umbrella. The actor in the Traveler's commercial is none other than Paul Freeman.

Since we all know that the Ark of the Covenant went to Heaven and is not on earth rotting in some cave somewhere ( Revelation 11:19 NLT ), the 1981 film had an interesting story line anyway. The depiction of the Ark was accurate based upon the dimensions in scripture and the Power of God that it unleashed upon the unworthy in the film was also based upon actual Israelite accounts in the Old Testament.

Just wanted you to have a bit of info concerning the connection between the 1981 film and the new Traveler's commercial...