International Church & School Infrastructure Sponsorship Project

Please let us introduce our ministry to you... we NEED your prayerful support for what we do! :)

International Church & School Infrastructure Sponsorship Project (ICSISP) -We are; Deborah and Joshua Amoako, (see ABOUT US & Who We Are & What We Do Page at our website :)

The LORD has called myself and my husband to undertake a very unique and special missionary project to attempt to facilitate assistance to Churches and also Private Christian Schools here in Ghana, Africa, to address the desperately lacking and deplorable infrastructure they are struggling to cope with on a daily basis... by connecting the Body Of Christ (Churches) in USA and Canada to "sponsor" the Body Of Christ (Churches & Schools) in Ghana so they can assist them through forming a one on one partnership between them to provide desperately needed help & support which we believe is to be done by HIS CHURCH / BODY according to the Word of God Acts 2:42-47, 4:33-37, 2 Cor 8:1-24.

The project goal is accomplished through our visiting (by actual personal invitation) to Churches and Ministry organisations in USA and Canada who would be interested as LED BY GOD to be International Church & School Infrastructure Sponsorship Project "Sponsor/Partner" to a Ghanaian Church or School so that we can do a Video/PPT/Speaking Presentation (30 - 45 - 60 - 90 minute are available) regarding the extreme difficulties challenging Churches and Schools here in Ghana, Africa. WE ARE CURRENTLY & ALWAYS SEEKING INVITATIONS TO SHOW! If you're a North American Church / Ministry reading this post, please seek the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if YOU can and should take part in this project and invite us to speak to you.

(Please note we do NOT collect money for participants, we introduce the participants who thereafter MUST conduct all the needed contractual and monetary arrangements to suit their own unique sitiuations!) We DO however, pray for God's provision daily, and accept thankfully, "donations" on our website which go to pay the considerable "touring operational costs" and "costs for Internet services" of the ICSISP project.

Finally, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are urgently seeking "PRAYER WARRIORS" who will sign on to pray at least weekly, and receive a prayer request email update from us monthly. We ask in earnest if you will please give consideration to supporting our ministry as a "confidential prayer warrior" as we NEED to have a very FAITHFUL "prayer team" in our corner and are as yet awaiting the Lord to touch the hearts and send us those volunteers... and we need "PRAYER" as Missions in this END time, and in Ghana, is exceedingly challenging! BUT we know GOD is faithful in Christ and will answer our "agreed upon prayers" united by HIS Spirit in us! :) (Matthew 18:19)

In HIS Holy Hands & Service, Ghana Missionaries / Evangelists Deborah & Joshua Amoako
Hello, I subscribed to your channel on youtube and will be bring you guys up in our bible study. God bless you and your efforts!​
THANK YOU!! You are our first actual REPLY to this post and so we especially are grateful for hearing from you! We do pray that your group will be led of the Holy Spirit to assist our project goals and we shall also pray for you and yours!! :D
PLEASE, we are happily sharing the announcement of the launching of the Official ICSISP Fundraising Campaign - We are praying ALL our CFS Friends WILL support our important efforts for the schools and churches of Ghana, Africa and will visit the online fundraising page to make a donation of ANY amount you can, either by using a credit-card directly to donate or by using your own paypal account.

Official ICSISP Fundraising Campaign Page

Please note; the campaign is on for only a limited time period, and our ability to raise funds effects our search engine placement or visibility at Indiegogo, so we do NEED to raise funds quickly, and ongoing!