hello everyone,

it's good to see that Christians al over the world meet eachother on a forum, talk about their faith and discus the easy or difficult things in life. I hope I'll know you all better.

I'm from Holland, 22 years old and almost theacher on a primairy school. Maybe there are more Christian Theachers out there on the forum from all over the world. We can talk about Christian education and share some advises. Would be Nice!

Greet to you all
Hi there Martin,

So great to have you on our forums...A warm :welcome: to you :). And what a great way to bring up my 400th post.... :)

Hope you enjoy your stay..

God Bless

Welcome Martin....I'm so happy you found our forum.

I look forward to fellowship with you.

Blessings, Cheri


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To the forum. We are glad you are here with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

God bless,