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Fish Catcher Jim

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Hi -- I'm Sue D. looking forward to getting to know everyone. My family is from Central Texas Now, but grew up in Iowa. Was Born in Wisconsin.
Well Howdy Sue D,
I'm a might rightly glad you stopped in here.
So welcome to CFS and kick off your boots or shoes and make your self at home. Jump on in and share whats on your heart and lets get some good ol fellowship goen on here.
Hey if you have any problems the staff here is awesome and will do their best to make things right.
Have a wonderful time here in CFS oh and life it's self too
God Bless
A warm Christian greeting to you Sue D. I joined this wonderful Forum in March of this year. I have found this Forum to excel in many areas. The Staff is beyond kind, considerate, and professional. I have been challenged by some of the members of which I have been greatly blessed.

My prayer for you is that your mind will be renewed thru your own Bible studies as well as relating to some of the excellent threads posted by very learned Brothers and Sisters.