iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Feb 15, 2006
Broomall, PA
iPhone Apps for Toddlers

In today's newspaper there was an article for apps (iPhone word for programs) for toddlers. The MD who was quoted in the article said he can understand when parents are desperate, but in general they should not allow their toddlers to be focused on a small screen for any length of time.

What do you think? Do you allow your young children to use video games? Watch TV? How much is too much?
Dec 5, 2008
Good post Mark:)

I have always heard that to much of anything is bad for you. The only thing i can disagree with on this is The LORD and love. Other than those two, i think alot of anything can be harmful.
My son hated tv untill he turned three. He fell in love with spongebob. I have seen such a drastic chage for the worse in him. He is defiant, screams, will not listen to me or anyone else and it has made me feel so bad for allowing him to watch this. So we have slowly taken it out and tried to replace it with better things, educational and good cartoons with morals to them.
kids minds are so fragile, and i think some tv is fne, allowing anything that needs batteries or electricity to babysit, is dangerous.