Is Genesis History?

Nov 5, 2017
This is a must watch documentary found on Netflex. I had put God in a box and didn't even realize it by believing just a part of the "million year old" theories. This documentary describes Grand Canyon, dinosaurs, and even the ice age. I realized I had God in a box because I believed in Adam and Eve, the Great Flood, Parting of the Red Seas, making a day longer and even bringing Lazarus back to life. But, when it came to dinosaurs and how old this earth is, I couldn't explain them so I fell to sciencetist, the wrong sciencetist, and put God in a box. I have asked for forgiveness and feel at peace. But, I have to tell everyone to watch Is Genesis History, especially if you have kids in a science class.
Apr 13, 2019
Yuma, AZ USA
If we are honest we must admit we have a few problems with Genesis. Verse 2 is what paleontologists call Younger Dryas and they put that at roughly 13,000 years ago. The garden of Eden is placed at 7,000 years ago. That leaves a space of 6,000 years which the bible describes as six days. Atheists get a lot of mileage out of that.

Another big problem is that people read things in that simply aren't there. It is somewhat annoying when people casually remark that the bible says the Earth is 6,000 years old when the bible does not say any such thing. When a number is important the bible gives an exact number. For instance from Eden to the flood was 1,656 years. Historians place the flood at 2,349 BC so the fall of mankind was 4,005 BC. But that does not say that creation was 6,000 years ago.

We also have some problems with science. A big part of science is conjecture, which means making up "What if" scenarios. Often those scenarios get discussed a lot for a long time, and people begin to assume they are true just because they keep hearing them. When somebody has such a thing lodged in their brain you are extremely unlikely to get it out.