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Greetings Friends,

We all who are born again quickly will say, "yes Jesus is Lord and Savior in my life"
Is this true or perhaps we all are to quick to assume this to be totally true?
Relax, I am not challenging your salvation or if one is truly Born Again.

However I do hope to open up the eyes of our heart and challenge us to truly do some examining of our lives and rise up unto a new level in Christ.

It's pretty much a given that none of us who are Born Again into Christ lack much in allowing Jesus to be our True Savior.
However there is another part to this and that is, "Lord of our Lives"
This is one area that we all need to step it up a notch into the fullness of Christ .

Note to Reader:
All of us, that is Every one who professes to be a Christian, simply needs to grasp this and understand what it truly means to make Jesus Lord of Your Life.

Scripture tells us in Mark 12:30
And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.'

We can see here that we are to love God in Every Area of our being and life.
If Jesus is not our Lord or Lord over any of these areas, well we are falling short of truly loving God in that area.

Let's stop and reflect on the term " Lord of or Lord over our lives"
What does this really mean?
Let's add to this "King of Kings" for this.

We serve our King or Lord. His Authority is Always present in every situation or every event of our lives. In our daily lives and in our secret lives or parts we keep hidden from others or our personal lives.
This means we are still servants or to serve under His command in all these area's.

It's all to easy for any of us to say, well brother FCJ , I already live like this .
I understand this because I have been their just like every one else, however my eyes of my heart are being enlightened and I am seeing how we as Believers have been lacking in this area and it is effecting our walk in Christ.

So it is my prayer that as you read a few examples that I shall write down, that it motivates everyone to HONESTLY seek God and allow Him to show us areas of our lives that He really is not Lord over.
Another words, the areas of our lives that we are lord over and keep closed unto Him.

Before anyone takes off in the direction that they have no place like this in their lives and this is non sense, I urge you to read on with a Willing Heart and open mind.

There are many areas that we tend to over look or play off as not important and make excuses to justify our actions.

Look at Forgiveness and walking in Thee Love of God.
God did not ask us to try or within reason but He simply Commanded us to do it.

This applies at work and school and at home with the family as well as the rude driver that just cut you off or the person who cut in front of you after you have been standing in line for 20 minutes.

Do you demand justice or just have to correct the situation by telling them they just wronged you?

Well that is an area that you are lord over and said no to Jesus.

You pick and choose a church by their status or size or music or name and the big one, closeness.

Have you ever refused to go to a church because it's all the way across town or in the next town?

Again this would be another area that you are lord over and said no to Jesus.

Friends, we must allow God to direct our steps even to our church. It may be nothing you would choose or in another area all together- BUT that is where your place is. Things like Grace, Growth, provision and everything God has for you will be.

Friends, Spouse, work, desires and so forth.
These are just a glimpse of areas or things that we tend to keep Jesus out of.
I pray this will get you thinking and truly examining your lives.

It will bring a change that you could not even imagine.
Blessings to you
OK at first thought this may be a trick

Hmm cant say Ive refused to go to a church in the next town but then my city is huge and there are churches everywhere, if went to one in the next town it would take an hour to get there, because traffic is that bad. if God wanted me to go to one in the next town every week then sure also He would provide me with petrol or transport to get there I suppose.

I suppose its different if you lived in a small town. I will think about the other questions. GOd did show me which church to go to its funny because at first I didnt want to leave the one I already was going to. But He had things for me to learn there, well there were minsitries and people at the other church too, but this time Hes like I want you in this one. Which is actually a it closer by car than my other one. But its up a big hill so its actually easier to walk and bike to the other one.

Its a bit of a juggle to go to two churches at once. But I'm sure a lot of people probably go to more than one because of family members too.
Ok I don't know if anyone else is doing this but Fish catcher Jim got me thinking about jobs today.

I can identify with this because I tried to job hunt for many years without success.I originally trained as a librarian. it was what I thought I wanted to do, since I love books. My previous ambition had been to be a cartoonist, but I found that while I could draw cats easy, people were much harder. I failed to complete a cartooning correspondence course so thought well maybe I'm not cut out for that.
When I was out of work I went to all these job hunt courses, got myself a careers counsellor did more education etc even to Master's level. But library jobs were few and far between. When I was in work and it was just any job I could get really whoever would have me and managers and bosses telling me what to do etc. And I was always disappointed when they, abused their authority, were needy or distant/hands off and I didn't know what to do. After all it was presented as my livelihood and the thing I could do to earn a crust, a roof over my head and possibly keep my sanity. Hitting the glass ceiling and realising no matter how hard I worked I wouldn't ever be able to afford a home if I bought one would be paying it off until I died. Also several times I would get so depressed doing the same old same old and wondered if it was worth getting up in the mornings as it seemed nobody really cared what work I did. As long as I was being a taxpayer, as long as I was on the roster. Even if it was busy doing nothing worthwhile. I had lost my 'passion' for work. I just remember the most compliments I seemed to get were from staff members admiring what I wore to work each week, (but I don't go to work to look pretty?!) and wondered if I was in the wrong job, and what could possibly be the right one. My mother would give me a heap of abuse when I quit my job and told me you cant quit one without going into another straight away, which made me seem like a disloyal job hopper just wanting the next opportunity or higher pay. Have you ever tried jobhunting while you are already working a job? In many ways its worse than jobhunting when you don't have a job!

Anyway to cut a long story short when I identified with Jesus as my Lord and saviour He showed me that God was to be my boss and I was to serve Him. No matter what man said. And He is my livilhood and provides all I need. I wasn't to look to any job as my salvation. I wasn't even to be a 'Master' - because He is. I was to do the work He had prepared me to do and His assignments are challenging, varied but never boring. So when I put Him first He changed my outlook (and also my 'career') and in time He gave me different jobs to do reflecting His glory and then a job for life I really love.

Fish Catcher Jim

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Ok I don't know if anyone else is doing this but Fish catcher Jim got me thinking about jobs today.
Glory to God !
That's the purpose of this thread is to get people thinking and examining their life in Christ.

Anyway to cut a long story short when I identified with Jesus as my Lord and saviour He showed me that God was to be my boss and I was to serve Him. No
Amen Lanolin,
You set a wonderful example here.
In our work place we are to strive for excellence as working for God No matter what others say or do.

Blessings to you
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However I do hope to open up the eyes of our heart and challenge us to truly do some examining of our lives and rise up unto a new level in Christ.
Seems you and I are on the same page right now. God has already been dealing with me on this very subject, giving it all to Him... every part... even the things I may think are not an issue or are not important. He wants it all.

The Holy Spirit keeps telling me to let go and free fall into Him... let Him take me where He will take me. I need to surrender everything and let go, so this is what I am doing. I am letting go of my will so His will is my will in every area of my life. It's not always an over night process. Sometimes it may be like peeling an onion. Sometimes He removes one layer and then we work on the next and the next and until we are finally at the core of where we need to be.

This post is such a good reminder to me. I was just praying this morning telling God I needed encouragement. So thank you. This is wonderful encouragement that I am moving in the right direction.
Funny the picture of an onion was also given to me once when I was a new believer.
But now Im thinking its more like spring onions or chives when you chop the dead leaves away, new ones grow.
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