..Is It Sinful?

..Is It Sinful?

..To ask God for signs, miracles, wonders, etc. I know that God has shown me things before when I asked him to but I was just wondering what some of you thought, do you think it is out of line to ask for these things? I have been trying to bring more and more people to Jesus lately and I find that if I can have God show them these things then they will believe. So what do you all think, is this wrong to ask God for?


I don't think it is wrong to ask but maybe it is wrong to expect it?
I have asked God for a sign before....
Sometimes I have gotten them and other times he has let me know that I am to just trust and believe in him.
He wants us to have faith!
Faith is just believeing~


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It was Thomas who refused to believe in the resurrection before seeing it for himself. He wanted proof. Jesus did not chastise him as sinful, and said that he has seen and now believes, blessed are they who believe and have not seen. So I wouldn't call it sinful unless you have a selfish reason for praying for a miracle.