Is love ve for Sodomy 'God -given'?


Is love ve for Sodomy 'God -given'?

The Baltimore Sun reports that the newly named Catholic archbishop of Baltimore, Edwin F. O'Brien, in 1978, "helped found Courage, a group in New York that ministers to those with same-sex attractions and encourages them to lead celibate lives."

The Sun's Stephen Kiehl also reports:
"But Sam Sinnett, president of Dignity USA, a group for gay and lesbian Catholics, said:
"'They keep talking about people changing their God-given sexual orientation. That's just not a possibility. And any professional knows that. To live in willful ignorance of that is a terrible thing, particularly for a moral teacher.'" Welcome to the Sun-world, Archbishop O'Brien! This Sun-printed statement suggests that you, as a moral teacher, are willfully ignorant and terrible.