Is this an angel appearing at gas station?

Don't think its vapour, You only see vapour usually where the fuel is being pumped out from... very littlr though, not that colour either is it ?


It looks like gas fumes disapating , relecting or refracting light.
I love to analize

I don't think its any kind of vapor. vapor dissipates. For it to be a reflection of light off of some vapor, either the wind blows and stops unaturally in that station, or there was a dense, uniform amount of vapor; enough to fill the entire pump area with it. If that were the case, It would be so dense that it would also reflect the overhead lights and headlights of the cars, like fog does. Also,people in a gas or oil vapor fog as dense at needed here, usually either run inside very quickly, or bump into something because their eyes are either closed or burning too badly to see where they are going, or they pass out.
Not to mention that I did not see it's own reflection in any of the shiny objects around it,not even on the cars paint or winshields. Anything that reflects light casts a shadow. I did't see a shadow either. If it isnt reflecting even some light,which it must to appear blue, then it is generating its own light in the blue wavelength, while, again,not radiating that light or wavelength to nearby objects.
Also, again, vapor, dissipates unless restrained by outside pressure. This "cloud" moves freely,changing position, and speed, while maintaining the same volume and approximate shape. I also noticed what animators call "squash and stretch" when the "cloud" would accelerate and decelerate. It shoots to one side, and stops suddenly. When it starts to accelerate, its leading edge(first to move) momentarily gains distance from its trailing edge(last to move), making it longer and thinner. Then when it stops, the trailing edge catches up and stops, momentarily making the object shorter, but thicker.It happens pretty fast, but I used to want to be an animator, so I saw it fairly easily. Its an effect Disney animators created and perfected to exagerate fast acceleration and sudden stops, and has been used so much because of its appeal, most peple dont even notice it unless it is very exagerated.

I would have to say it is either a project for animation school, a practical joke by a pretty darn good animator(except for leaving out key shadows and reflections), or its something real and very paranormal. I hesitate to call it an angel. I don't think I've ever seen one, but the ones that Ive read about in scripture that wanted to be seen, always appeared in human form, and had a singular definate purpose for their apperance. this seems to be looking for something, or just milling around,checking things out.(Shrugs). Its a neat video, whatever it is.
I watched the video. The news guy said some think it was a blue plastic bag. It could have been that if it was being stirred about by the wind. Obviously it was very out of focus.

I wonder why none of the customers seemed to pay any attention to it?
And why did the camera move and follow the object sometimes - is it automatic or was someone inside controlling it?

I think it was a blue plastic bag.
To me, it looks, (and behaves) like the blurred image of a fish super imposed over a video of a gas station that would like some extra business while gas is 4 bucks a gallon.

Just my opinion.
Looks like an "Adobe" hoax to me. Having used the airbrush in photoshop and Premere video editing software. Too many pranksters around who delight in sucking people in.


Oh man, that is the first time I have seen a blue blob gas angel- cool!


I bet it WAS something very small up against the lens which is why it looks fuzzy and distorted!