Is your love growing cold?

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Is your love growing cold?

An old German evangelist was once asked by a reporter "what is it like being a Christian"?
His answer- "It is like having two dogs inside of me, a black one and a white one- and they are always fighting".
The reporter then asked "which one wins" to which he replied "the one I feed".

So it always boils down to the same things. What are you spending your time with? What is the priority in your life?
You need to remember that Christianity is a living relationship between man and God. Like all relationships this grows when we invest the time and energy to make express our love and receive that love back. Like any relationship our hearts can grow cold if we spend our time perusing other things and neglecting what matters most.
I have seen people get so involved in life that when their kids are grown up and out of the house they discover they do not even know each other any more. How does this happen? Little by little things take the place of time spent and love expressed.

It is time to get back to the basics:
Spend time in worship- at least one hour at a time pour out your heart to God- the Father will meet Him there.
Spend time in prayer- this praying without ceasing thing is really just maintaining an attitude of prayer and including God as the center of your whole day (and life).
Spend time in the Word- We must ask the Holy Spirit to speak to His heart. God will meet him where he is.

If we are willing to seek his God he will always find Him. If we value his walk and relationship with God he will begin to peruse Him again.

"You cannot do God's work without God's power."
John R. Rice


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Thank you for that message, as sometimes we need to be reminded that God does not leave us but we drift from him by not reading the word and spending time alone in prayer with God. Thanks so much....