ISIL and the kinapping of girls in Nigeria.

Nigerian girls are being kidapped why?

  • 2. They all have very wealthy families that will pay a tremendous ransom

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It occurs to me that having an almost inexhaustible supply of brainwashed hate filled death squads would make ISIL a truly formidable foe to deal with.
What are some other thoughts on the plight of these poor girls?
Quite frankly I don't like to have thoughts on these things; unfortunately you didn't create an "All of the above" option. It is a sad truth what will most likely happen to these girls is nothing close to the desires of our LORD.

Pray...pray again....

And if anyone happens to be a multimillionaire with a small private army; please go rescue these girls in the name of Jesus Christ...
I thought isil was in syria... but youre right, a " brain washed hate filled suicide squad" is hard to beat..since theyre expendable.
There are of course many other uses..fates for kidnapped girls, but at the bottom of the matter I believe is the self proclaimed caliph maybe the 'man of lawlessness' 2Th 2:9.
Whatever the actual fate planned for these girls, I somewhat agree with Brother_Mike_V, An alliance of well equipped liberators with sufficient grunt to see the job done is needed to rescue the girls..... but from where?
You know whats mind blowing... before 2012 isil didnt exist, in just two years theyre a force to be reckoned with. I also heard from the news that most isil troops were under bin laden and are expert militia,.... so its not like there a rag tag band.

Idk why obama wont send troop to stop them before they get to be more of a problem than we can handle.
I think it is a very reasonable approach to let the people or governments of the area take care of this sort of thing, but they aren't doing it. Talk about wealthy folks who could do something? How about those oil sheiks and the like, ISIL does not seem to be doing anything in line with their best interests and they have the means to do something; why haven't they?


It is clear that evil is everywhere and we must pray for all who are receiving injustice.
All of this is being done in accordance with Islamic law. Islamic law (Sharia) is based on the Qur'an and on Muhammad's example. All of the things that ISIS and Boko Haram are doing have also been done by Muhammad. In fact, I believe that Muhammad has done even worse things. However, in the Western world we are considered to be hateful and islamophobic if we tell the truth about Islam. Yesterday I was banned from a forum for saying that the difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam is not an ideological difference, but a difference in the degree of commitment to the cause of Islam. Radical Muslims are simply devout Muslims who follow Muhammad's example as much as possible. They are the true Muslims.

Sometimes I feel bad for saying these things, but what can I do if they are the truth? If we keep ignoring these truths, it will be our grandchildren that will kidnapped and enslaved by groups like Boko Haram or ISIS.
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