can you help me please i feel that my church and church family dont support me i feel very isolated should i leave and find a new church have been waiting for God to tell me its ok to leave but things are getting worse i no longer want to fulfill my serving commitments or go to church


Hello my friend. Pray- Ask God to help you to see and understand through His eyes. This will take the hurtfulness out of the situation as you begin to see the real root of the problem. What You are feeling is not at all unusual. Many people in the Church seem to be caught up in life, family pressures, personal troubles and so many other distractions- they seem all but oblivious to everyone except those in their own little inner circle. The mean time the truly wounded, hurt and otherwise lonely person can feel that he is alone in a crowded room full of people such as that.
While it is indeed a sign of spiritual immaturity and a self centered life one should not be to hard on them. So many folks look like they have it all together on the outside but on the inside they are a total mess. They are generally not trying to exclude anyone but as in such bondage they simply cannot conceive of adding one more demand on their life. Once again this is a sure sign that they are trying to live life and cope with their issues in their own strength. All the roadsigns in their lives point to (if you look close enough) burnout, fatigue, depression, etc. Those we meet in church who walk in such bondage need our prayers quite desperately.
Enough about that for now- as far as your situation and improving it- I certainly would encourage you to talk to your Pastor. Joining prayer groups and group activities can certainly increase your "face time " with some of the folks- A man who would have friends must show himself friendly. Make every effort and place them in God's hands.
Seek His face always- if He wants you somewhere else He will lead you there. If He has you there to help others through this problem then He will use you and be glorified greatly.

Please allow me to share something I post from time to time:
A church is a hospital for souls

Don't expect to go and not find anyone without at least as many problems as you have yourself.

If someone is hypocritical then church is the perfect place to get set free

Love more, look for faults less

If you want to be touched by God reach out and touch someone with His love

Love the unlovely

Be an encourager peolpe don't need to be told what their problems are but instead they are looking for answers so point them to Jesus for He is their answer

Support your church, it takes alot of finances to pay utilites, saleries, suplies etc., etc.

Be quick to forgive, give as much mercy as you yourself need (it's usually more than we think)

Don't take offense, see the people who hurt you thru Jesus eyes and your heart will quickly change

Or as the Lord put it so very well- Love ye one another even as I have loved you- selah.

You are in my prayers my friend, God will make a way.
Many blessings in Jesus Name,
your brother Larry.



Hail Jesus Christ, The Most High God

May the Lord bless you Larry, in Jesus' Name i pray.

Lord Jesus
All hail You, who would not fear You
Mountains bow down before you
Even the wind and the seas obey you
Create in us hearts burning, set on fire
Jealous for You and Holy Truth
Save us from ourselves and draw us to You
Kill the free will, subdue it, drag it to Your cross
Bow us there Lord where we die to self
Let our hearts be emptied before You
Fill us anew, time for rest, time for refresh
Cleanse our hearts, may we serve You