Israel, Hebrew or Jew

Israel, Hebrew or Jew

Whether the world wants to accept it or not the nation of Israel belongs to YHVH, the Creator of the Universe and Israel is the center of the Universe. Would that make Israel the heart of the Universe? That just popped into my mind, sorry!
With the focus being brought on Israel because of this so called peace deal I thought we should share a little background about the nation that people are sure have nothing to do with the last Generation.
Here is where Israel got its name, for those who never heard.

Abraham Wasn't A Jew

From two other people come two other very well-known identities: Israelites are the descendants of Isaac's son Jacob, who God renamed Israel, and from Jacob's son Judah come the terms Jew and Jewish. So how do all of these designations relate to the people involved?
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Abraham was the Father of all the Jews thru his desendants. An interesting link brother.
like you stated freedom,
Hebrews are descendants of Eber
Israelites are descendants of Jacob
Jews are descendants of Judah

With this being said, If you think about it, the term Judaism does not seem to make any sense.
It depends on the context. I am not the physical son of the Lord ( obviously) but I am a Christian because I am a followerer of Him.
So all Jews are Isrealites and all Isrealites are Hebrews and all Hebrews are Shematic.

Interesting to note, is Arabs are descendent from Ishmael, thus all Arabs are Hebrews and Shematic. In the bible it says Ishmael will be made a great nation. Some intrepretate this to mean the Islamic world.

Abraham was a Hebrew and a Shematic.

Jews and Arabs are desendant from Abraham thus they are brothers, but they hate each others, how ironic.

Just a side note.