israel or isreal


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israel or isreal

talking to a work collegue who has been lucky enough to go there .he said it is a beutiful place.anybody want to take me there lol.i would love to go to israel.any stories anyone.
SC, I would love to go too but would be too scared right now.
Yes, I would love to hear about it too!
My Pastor and his wife are heading over to Israel in three weeks, and I think you are correct Violet the timing is kind of rough, but G_D is in control.
I'm sorry Violet, I should have introduced myself first before addressing you by name. I am new here and I did go to introduction, but I am looking forward to being out here in the forums and meeting some nice people like you and SC.
My wife and I were planning on taking a trip to Israel, but firstly I hate to fly and secondly I believe the time is close for a large attack on Israel in the near future.
Freedom07, of course you may call me Violet and you did introduce yourself and I left you a response!:)

I agree about the timing and God is in control and with this knowledge, I know I have a husband and 8 children to think about:) ,
But wouldn't it be an experience!!
under better circumstances...
Colleagues of ours returned recently from a tour of Israel. They were escorted EVERYWHERE by both Israeli military convoy escort personnel and private security guards with M-16's and Uzi's... on the busses, in the restaurants, in the hotels (except for the rooms - and THOSE were swept by explosives sniffing dogs 3 times each day), on the guided tours and to and from the airports. With all of that, they STILL didn't feel safe and were glad that they left when they did. A suicide bomber detonated herself in a market area that they had been in two days earlier.

Just goes to show that international terrorism is alive and well and is funded by and perpetrated by those who would rather see democracy, including Israel, be destroyed. We either take it to them where they live, plan and hide, or we will be battling them here on our US streets... again... remember September 11, 2001 !
Isael is safer than you think! There is WAY less random crime than in the U.S.:israel:
Obviously some places are safer than others...Sderot is under a constant barrage of katyusha rockets from Gaza for example, but tour groups don't go there anyway.

I would be more concerened once Iran gets nukes though.
I firmly believe that before Iran gets nukes, there will be a huge standoff that will make the Cuban missle crisis look like a domestic dispute. Let us also not forget that Israel has nukes already and I am sure that they will use them if they feel threatened. In fact, I think that something is going to happen in the next few years. Then its really going to get scarey.
i believe that goodness will conquer all evil.i believe good will throw away bad as a bad smell.i believe christians need more spirit of good in them.i believe christians had better stop dying without fighting for good.i believe we make our generations better or worse,stand tall.we are bigger and better.stop giving in.