It is possible

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It is possible

"It is possible to understand all Christian doctrine acurately and yet not be a Christian. Being a Christian is not just understanding cetrtain doctirnes and spiritual principles - it's having our life in Jesus." - Rick Joyner
I'm sure Satan understands Christian doctrine very well, but he uses it to weave his web of deceit not to further the Christian cause. In a sermon I listened to yesterday by Dr. Charles Stanley, he said amidst the lies that Satan offers you, he sprinkles in just a little truth to catch you off guard and fall into his trap of deception. He did this very thing with Eve in the Garden of Eden. I believe he does this daily to Christians using Christian doctrine.

I remember my Bible toting, scripture sniper, Bible nazi days as a young Christian. To know the scripture is not the same as living it, understanding love.
So many blessings are missed if we do not love....few orchards and gardens are planted.......without love we are noisy instruments with no music.....and......while making all that noise, I found myself in the valleys of evil........thankfully, the Lord had claimed me and He lifted me from despair and a new life began........there was no clawing from the pit....the wings of the dove gently restored me to the Lord.....the Spirit filled conviction to living CHrist's gospel.......the rnewing of the mind.......what was crooked was made straight......Grace like Rain and promises fulfilled.......
..........To remember that we must be spirit controlled believers, using discernment and conviction of heart. Using scripture to divide the church of God is Satan's main goal.....let us avoid strife and malice and useless agruing always!