It's Not My Fault On That Fateful Day. (i Wrote A Poem!! Yea!)


It’s not my fault for that fateful day.

It's not my fault, I can confidently say, for God is sovereign in all his ways.

The church prayed, I prayed that it doesn't turn out bad, but my child is still dead, and now I am sad.

God protects children seeing the evil to come, I guess God must do this by killing some.

My neighbour Joe is lucky I must say, when he lost his little boy on that fateful day.

The Pastor had preached that at this very hour, God took Joe’s little boy to sing in his choir.

It’s not my fault, I can confidently say. I had always warned my child to look both ways.

If you forget to look before you cross though, a car can come and run over you.

It was cold and windy on my fateful day, when my boy run into the street not looking both ways.

It happened like I said, time and time again, a car came from nowhere to meet my child’s End.

A thud and a screech stopped my child’s run, I ran over and prayed, that thy will be done.

The Hospital we rushed on that fateful day, I called my Pastor, he was on the way.

My Pastor then looked with a knowing eye, God is working this out for good, so don’t cry.

We called the whole church to save the day, surely God would not miss if over 50 prayed.

In the waiting room I did the best as I was able, when I was told there would be one less place to set at the dinner table.

It’s not my fault, is all I can say, every time I worried, I would pray.

Protect my son, keep him safe today, Please dear God, don’t take my son away.

That was 50 years ago and now I have cancer. I would pray to God if I thought He would answer.

One thing I learned, and so should you. Mark 11:23 Is so very true.

By Michael H.

(Inspired by all the things I have heard through the years)

Also based on a real life situation of a man I met, the Lord having mercy to use me to help him see that God is never at fault, but we have a part also.
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Good poem. Are you musical?

Blessings Brother King!!!! Glory to God!!

The wife gets things that rhyme from the Holy Spirit and she writes them down. She has a web site she is setting up and she has money from others already to sale copies of these Holy Spirit Poems. She is putting them on plaques and wall hangings.

So...................... She was ready something back to me and mentioned a old thing she wrote way back called, "It's not my fault.

She wrote this long time ago (Like 2007) , it was never finished. There was on passage. "God in his Sovereignty always knows best, so it's not my fault, it's not me they say."

That brought up to me a Old man I met in 1998. I was locked up in a fine Illinois prison. They had moved this old guy into my cell who had one eye and a cane. This guy was a piece of work because his response to me was always "F%#K O!$". Being a Christian I attempted to communicate and ask him what was bothering him. That was bad because he raised his cane and cursed me out more for trying to talk to him. My last cell mate was a murderer, but He loved Jesus. Lots of good time with that guy in discussing things of the Lord. This Old man, there was no communication at all.

Every other night we would hold hands and gather in a circle with the other believers. I was in what was called the Christian wing. When I got back to the cell, this old man was always just furious, but would never tell me a thing as to why.

At night he would take my cloths and pee on them, then tell me in the morning I had to wash them and get the mess cleaned up. The Love of God shed abroad in my heart was being stretched to the max. I had several thoughts of beating the guy with his own cane, but I cast those down and just smiled and told him I would get right on it.

I come to find out this guy hated Christians, I would over hear him talk about me to other inmates in the day room about how fake I was and this or that. If I was fake, I would have beat him with that cane on day one. I never said a unkind thing to him despite what he done to me.

bout two months go by and I come back from doing something, He was sitting on his bed (Bunk beds) and had a tear running down his working eye. He asked me for the first time if I would be willing to talk. (I hoped some guilt would creep in for how he acted toward me, something to show there was a heart in there somewhere)

The Old mans story:
It was way back early 80's him and his 10 year old son were driving to the store or something on a country road. A drunk driver ran a stop sign at about 50 some miles an hour and broadsided their truck on the side his son was sitting. He said he remembered all the blood and his sons broken body right before he passed out. He woke up in the Hospital with his Pastor there. This guy had served God all his life and was studying to become a Pastor. He was part of the clergy and was excited to get a chance to speak when called on.

His son was in bad shape, and he was told there was no chance his son would make it being on life support. He asked his Pastor about praying to God for healing his boy. It was his only child, and him and his boy did everything together. His Pastor said, " God is calling your son home early to be with him, God needs him in Heaven and there is nothing the doctors can do."

Something like that.

The guy protested saying that surly God can do something and the Pastor said to him, "God works in mysterious ways, it's always for the good and we just don't understand these things until later."

His son died not even an hour after.

This man served God his whole life and just felt that somehow God would be there for him when He really needed him. His Pastor knew God, so the man took his word on what he said. That is just how God is.

So the old man said to Hell with God, He can have my boy but I won't have anything to do with him. If he murders children the screw God. He left the church, ended up being a drunk and finally lost his Christian wife from his youth. She had to leave him.

He got into drugs, drinking and all kinds of sex. Everything He felt God hated, he wanted to do. He lost his eye at work to a machine and ended up in prison for trying to kidnap a young girl.

I just looked at him and said it's not possible that God had anything to do with the loss of your son. There is a enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy, and it's not God. I told him his Pastor was wrong, but God only works through what we can receive of him. I told him he does not want to live the rest of his life without Jesus, and find out later none of this was the Lords fault. I said I love you and the Lord loves you and there is a reason your in this cell with me.

The guy came out to pray with us that night in tears (one eye) He asked the Lord to forgive him for his ignorance. The Lord did something in him that night and the guy was a completely different guy.

I told him it was not to late to get back in the plan of God and share the Word with others. The next few days with the Old man was wonderful, He was transferred to another facility for treatment.

So no, I don't think I am musical, but those words just came and I wrote them down as I thought back to that Old man who missed the wonderful things of God because of Doctrines from Hell.