itunes podcasts:)

itunes podcasts:)

I own an ipod touch and theyve just updated the firmware... I can now download podcasts onto my ipod :) there are christian podcasts to download:) i was wondering if any one else downloads christian podcasts from itunes?:) maybe you could tell me which ones are good? Bec( not bringing up any division or anything) but all those podcasts look like they are " prosperity" ones and im really not interested in that at all( my choice) :) are there any good ones? And does any one know how to create themes for the ipod touch cause id love to see a christian one, there are plenty dif ones but not 1 christian one, or even if you know of some 1 that makes themes if they could maybe spend some time one christian 1 that would be awesome:)thanks:)God bless:)
John Piper has podcasts as well as many other solid pastors. I would suggest googling a pastor that you like, go to there website and there will most likely be a link to download their podcasts from iTunes.

If you need any help feel free to PM me. I download quite a few podcasts.