I've come across a few of them.....

Yep, I've come across a few of these guys in the past.
I could feel the coldness oozing from them, I really could.....very uncomfortable.

They would come to our door with the pre-assumption we did not have God in our lives.
I soon discovered there was no point at all in discussing any issue they had raised.
I would be friendly to them, I'm certain they thought they've hooked another one.
All I could do was pity them and pray for them. I never prayed they would not come back,
however, they did indeed stop visiting us.

I can't say they were all like that, however, we soon learned to be careful, very careful.

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Just thinking folks, some of the images I post in do not refer to actual Biblically based themes, see below and a variety of previous posts.
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