For some reason the Book of James has never been one of my go-to devotional readings, but as of late I’m beginning to realize what a loss that has been for me. The first thing that impresses me is his humility... I read somewhere that most scholars think he’s either a half-brother or cousin to Jesus (some relation anyway), yet he never mentions it himself. The entire book can be read in just a few minutes, and its easy reading that contains guidance for being a good Christian. I hope you’ve not made the same mistake, and needless to say, I’ll be reading it more.
Like you I have discovered the beauty and richness of James lately. The letter, to me, is a mini-gospel. And he tells it like it is. Maybe for year's I wasn't ready to hear it so avoided any in depth study of James. Then I led a small women's discussion on James and had to take a lot of time reading it over and over again, checking some meanings, the history, etc. Since then I have so appreciated the book. Some of my friends actually memorized the whole book.
For me I am not understanding why any one would over look James or any other part of the new Testament.

It's all vital to our walk in Christ.

That’s great that you give them all equal attention Jim. I’ve always tended to read certain Books (generally the Gospels), even certain chapters and verses, more than others. I read some of Paul’s letters more than others too. The same for the OT as I tend to read Solomon’s works much more than others. For me, I’m not sure it’s so much overlooking as connecting. But, as I read and discuss more, gain understanding, I’m broadening my study… that’s what led me to James.