Jeff ----- Can Anything be Done ?


Jul 27, 2007
Jeff ----- Can Anything be Done ?

Is it possible to have the other one that we had before beside the New Posts ? The one that said todays posts ; as it had the new posts for 24 Hrs . This one turns over too quickly and Threads and posts are not being replied to unless we go forum by forum and search .,

Nov 19, 2009

I am not sure but I really think thats how the designer of this type system made it now when it was updated this last time. The only thing I know that can show todays posts now is at a certain time if you click new posts it says- No New Posts . Here is a link todays posts.
( something like that.) It's on others site but I don't remember seeing it here.
But you have to catch it at just that moment which is who knows when, so is not really a help.

When we are not logged in it says todays posts at the top but you can't see them. We could read them off line if that worked. This was just not a good thing the designer did at all. It has made traffic fall off at all sites because they think there isn't hardly anyone posting.