Jesus is the only to true Salavation

I grew up in Equatorial Guinea believing in native doctors. i was meant to believe that it is part of our traditional. I patronize their services a lot thinking that was the way to life, that it is not satanic. But i realized one thing, each time i kneel to pray something inside of me would persuade me to stop. During all this years, i lived a life of hardship although am a graduate, nothing works for me

One day a friend of mine invited me to his Church, at first, i was reluctant. Eventually, i went. During the service, the pastor asked if there is anyone here that wants to give his life to Jesus. i reluctantly went to the pulpit and repeated the words he said. Immediately something left me, and suddenly I found peace that i had never known in my life. Since then i gave my life completely to Jesus.

Few weeks after that encounter with Jesus and my continual believe in Him, I got a job as a marketing manager to a renowned company here in Equatorial Guinea. I did not seek for the job, he came miraculously. Praises be unto God. I have been living comfortably since then to the Glory of his Name.

I have resolved to continue this way till death comes. Pray for me to be Steadfast in the Lord


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Blessings to you. May Christ always fill your life. Keep the faith, the way this world is going it won't be long before we get our reward.

Most of those who have grown up in the Modernized Western World are not aware of the constant influence that Satan has on the peoples and cultures in many parts of the world. My wife grew up in India, and in one of the local villages was a young woman who was supposedly an oracle. My wifes nanny once took her to see this woman to get the "prophetess" to predict her future. The way my wife described the whole affair the woman was obviously demon possessed, and was a strong influence for evil for all the people in the local villages.
Wonderful testimony. Meet Him each morning, talk to Him throughout your day. Say goodnight to Him at bedtime. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. How will you be strong in the Lord? By letting Him be your strength. God bless you abundantly every day of your life. Share your testimony at each opportunity. The Holy Spirit will let you know when opportunities arise!