Jesus, Our Life Preserver

Jesus, Our Life Preserver

Jesus, Our Life Preserver
John 3:16-18

Picture a muddy river, swollen with rain and rushing over jagged rocks. You’ve fallen into that dirty water and can’t fight the current for long. Your head goes under once, then twice. Both times, you come up gasping for air after swallowing some of the filthy water. A third dunking might kill you.

Suddenly, from the shore, someone throws a life preserver. It floats past your chest. Will you grab it? The answer seems obvious—of course you would! But too often, people drowning in the world’s fast-moving current refuse to grab onto the spiritual life preserver: Jesus Christ.

He died on the cross for all of humanity, but individuals have a responsibility when it comes to salvation. A person must recognize his or her own helplessness and acknowledge the need for Christ. That means the new Christian accepts Jesus’ sacrifice as true and personal… believing there is no other way to be rescued.

It isn’t necessary to understand everything about faith and the Bible to be saved. God will be sure His children learn whatever they need from the Holy Spirit. However, it’s critical to realize that we cannot save ourselves.

Can you point to a time in your life when you received Jesus Christ as your Savior? God is calling. He wants you to recognize your need for Him and ask Him to rescue you from sin. He is faithful to answer by saving you and making you blameless before Him. God is offering you a life preserver and waiting to pull you to eternal safety. The choice is yours. Will you choose Christ and live?


Pastor Rick..... I like that Jesus our life preserver... All we have to do is grasp for it .... a very simple task but many make it very difficult.


You could have $1,000,000 in the bank and starve to death if you never use those resouces. Jesus paid a debt so we would not have to but for those who refuse this generous offer it is to no avail.