Jesus Take The wheel

Jun 22, 2007
Salem, MA
Jesus Take The wheel

For those of you who enjoy Carrie Underwood here she is with "Jesus Take The Wheel". Click on the link and at the top you will see a group of boxes with titles, you may have to scroll over, but one will say "Jesus Take The Wheel", (towards the bottom) just click that box and it will open. If when you first click the link you get an INTRO, just click in the right lower corner SKIP INTRO and then select the box title.
Aug 22, 2007
Stevenson, WA
I love that song, something similar to this happened to me. I was driving too fast on a windy mountain road with a cliff on one side. I hit a slick spot and started to slide towards the cliff. I tapped on the brake but I knew it was too late. I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I was about to hit the guard rail and I prayed, "Lord, please don't let me die, I don't want my son to grow up without a father". God answered. I was slammed against the back of my seat, not from hitting the guard rail but from the force of the acceleration as my car accelerated out of the slide. The car accelerated with such a force that I had to literally wrestle the steering wheel to get the car back under control. I went back a few days later and there were 50 feet of skid marks, not from braking but from the acceleration.