Jesus; To live is Christ, to die is gain

Praise God, That he would sacrifice his one and only son to save all us sinners. We have a second chance because of the love God showed us all.

We truly have a wonderful Lord!


[INTRO:] No longer a child, a broken toy

The door was open wide
I'd never seen that look in daddy's eyes
Even though i cried
He wouldn't go away, I screamed inside.

I try and try, but you wont hear my cries
I'd never hurt you, but in my soul is agony
I loved you even through the painful sleepless nights
I'd never hate you, but how can I ever be free
Daddy why do you hurt me

Here I lie alone, nobody can see
I've never told
Mother isn't home
Father's last touch has left me cold

[CHORUS] (God help me)

(God speaking)-My little child, I see your pain
I cry with you every tear you weep.
I weep with you, I'll never leave you
Or hurt you, and now I take you in my
Arms to show you the love you never knew

God I cling to you
You can see my pain, you cry with me
Love I never knew
In the darkest night, You're here with me

I try and try, but they wont hear my cries
I'd never hurt them, but in my soul is agony
Lord I loved them even through the pain
I'd never hate them, but how can I ever be free
God Help Me
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God bless
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