Jokes About The Lds


Jutta H.

The pope, the archbishop of Canterburry and the prophet of the Mormons arranged an appointment for a hinge excursion on a secluded island. The pope got thirsty on beer after the boat brought everyone there (at that time this was still the German pope). He ran over the water onto the mainland and came back with two bottles of beer. The archbishop also got thirsty and imitated the pope. These can do what I can do as a prophet God spares for a long time " ", the prophet of the Mormons said and wanted to go also on the water. He fell. "We would have been supposed to tell him where the stones lie", said the pope.

The prophet the LDS rode on a horse about the prairie one day. A fairy suddenly appeared and offered him three wishes. His first wish was a castle, his second wish many women. On the question about his third wish, the Mormon prophet answered: "I would like to be fitted between the legs so well like the horse I ride on". The fairy raised the magic wand and told him that he should ride home. He found a big castle and many women at home. Full of joy, he went into the bedroom. Suddenly one sheer cry. "Damned, I had forgotten that I have ridden on a mare today "!