Joseph Prince Ministries - God Does Not See As Man Sees

Apr 7, 2014
Beloved, God does not see as man sees. While men saw in young David an ordinary shepherd boy, God saw a king and anointed him as one (1Sam 16:10–13). While men saw in Moses a stutterer, God saw a deliverer and drew him out from obscurity (Ex 3). God saw in them the things He had called them to be.

You, too, have been created for a purpose. Today, God looks beyond what man sees and says about you. He has dreams for you that are bigger than you can imagine.

You can look at the past and not see the future, because you sight will be on things that have passed and not on things to come. Be cautious of where you place yourself, before you end up replacing yourself, with what tries to hold you back, from moving forward.

What if somebody told you that you are not good enough, what if somebody told you that you are not smart enough, what if somebody told you that you can never achieve something, what if somebody told you that you will are incapable of everything.

Anybody can tell you whatever they want to say, but nobody can make you become what they say, because it is you who can do, what you are told that you can't do
Nov 23, 2013
nice piece .. it expresses the hope (positive side) and the triumph which God desires for us by making Him Lord of our lives .. a big thumbs up ..
Sep 2, 2013
I love Joseph prince, the only problem I have with him is that... he preaches too much abt grace and not enough abt repentance. But I do like youre post its really positive and uplifting.
Ro 2:4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?:D