Joshua(movie) did it affect you?

Joshua(movie) did it affect you?

I know this movie came out some years ago; but last night at our monthly 50 plus (senior) potluck I saw the movie, Joshua, for the first time. I realized from the beginning what the story was trying to convene about the Gospels as played out in the context of a small town and contemporary setting. There were so many comparisons to the characters and events in the Gospels with the focus on the main character..Joshua.

The last couple of scenes which take place in Rome brought me to tears. I was deeply moved by the repentance shown there and the response of Joshua to the one who asked for forgiveness. Touching reminder of all of us repentant sinners who have come to Christ and asked for forgiveness.

Did anyone else see this film and how did it affect you? :fish:


That is one of my favorite movies!!!!!!!!!
It simply reminded me of just how loving and merciful our God really is.