A great movie about a real Christmas in WWI.

JOYEUX NOEL,made by a French movie company, is the story of the Christmas truce. 116 minutes.

Note: Not 'child safe' One 'mild' bedroom scene makes the movie 'R' rated in my book. But there is no profanity nor gross violence.

Two years ago, my son [college grad] and I watched this while we were snowed in for three days at Christmas. This is the story of the Christmas truce of WWI. Exceptionally well-done, it follows the historical event very welll. Of course, there is always the made up story-line of any movie.

One of the resources available for the producers was the letters which soldiers wrote to home describing the events. I included several of the letters in my book, Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914, which reflects on the truce in the light of the Gospel.

Joyeux Noel may move you to tears. There are excellent clips from it on Youtube and I am amazed how this story has moved many young folks. One of the clips has over three hundred thousand views and hundreds of comments.