Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk


Ok so you have so much of your past
That you are carrying around

Another words
You got a lot of Junk in the Trunk

Do not Despair
I say
Take a moment
Take a moment today

Take that junk
And throw it away

Do a little housecleaning
Of your life
The clutter of
Despair, tears, mistakes
Bad choices
All need to be thrown away

Clean out your trunk
Clean it out today!

Start organizing those thoughts
Those feelings
Start feeling good
Realizing no matter what one would have said
I am a good person

Tell yourself

Clean out that trunk
Throw it all away!

Start living a fresh new life
Starting with today!

October 3, 2005


Very niice, This has helped me to let go of the guilt that comes with sin. We need only accept forgiveness and let go of our guilt to bear fruit when we are unable to change what has already happened. I learn and move on and people like you help me remember so I forget not.

Thanks for sharing

We four best girlfriends have all taken a pack that we will de-clutter, our homes this year, alittle at a time... Even if its only 3 items a day thats 1008 items a year...

I am hoping that we will all also de-clutter our lives from the past... We are in our 50's and 60's and the question is...

Do we want to continue our walk through the remainder of our lives, carrying all this baggage :confused:...

For me, Its NO!

Thank You Faithwoman:israel:
Do we want to continue our walk through the remainder of our lives, carrying all this baggage :confused:

I have carried my past baggage way to long! My faith walk is going well and amazing things are happening in my life.

Keep the decluttering up. I have moved 4 times since January of 04 and each time I declutter a little more.

You and your friends are an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing such a cool idea. Think of all the needy people out there that can benefit from you decluttering. I may be moving again and once again the Lord will bless me and will be able to bless others with my "stuff"..

Have a super day!


Very nice indeed. I am reminded of a Magaret Becker song I thought you might enjoy sis:

What do I see
You draggin up here
Is that for your atoning?
I know you're sorry
I've seen your tears
You don't have to show Me
What makes you think you must
Make that go away
I forgot
When I forgave
I wish you would

Just come in
Just leave that right there
Love does not care
Just come in
Lay your heart right here
You should never fear

You think you've crossed
Some sacred line
And now I will ignore you
If you look up
You will find
My heart is still toward you
Look at the sky
The east to the west
That's where I threw this
When you first confessed
Let it go now


I will forgive you
No matter what you've done
No matter how many times
You turn and run
I love you
I wish you'd come

OK Bo, twice already i stare at those cute kitties and forget what the post is about:mad: Oh oh! :eek: Could this be CKD:confused::confused::confused:.........................................

Compulsive Kitty Disorder... ...........:DNow another thing I have to wrestle with:rolleyes:

I'm copying both your posts and giving them to my friends this weekend...Thanks Love you both


ATC- adddciton to cats? I suffer that affliction!!!:D