Jury Duty

Jury Duty

I got a letter in the mail today from the United States District Court, District of Minnesota.

I’ve been placed on the Master Jury Wheel.
It came with a questionnaire I have to fill out and send back.
It also came with some frequently asked questions.
This is my favorite.

Q. - What if the questionnaire recipient has died?

A. - Please write “deceased” on the front of the questionnaire and return the questionnaire in the enclosed envelope.

So…. Do you think they’ll believe me if I tell them I died? :D


Ha ha .... Dean .... Good try . Then you will be put in jail for lying .

Hmmm... well I got sent one a while back and told them I had a medical problem ... I am clostophobic. The last time I was on Jury duty , there was no air in the the room. we were sequestered in for deliberation and my head was pounding . There was no window and the door of course was shut . So I said no way will I go through that again. I did my duty once was enough.
If I do get called, I’ll just tell them I can spot a crook a mile away by his squinty eyes. :D

Actually, I don’t think I would mind serving on a jury, I just don’t know if I would want to be on a big case that takes weeks or months.
I’ve got stuff to do. :cool:



Yah ... especially with the nice weather coming . Who wants to be there every day .

Another way to get out of it as i have heard from others ... Tell them your a racist.and you don't get picked .... He he

The bad part is, I can’t lie.

If I do get called, and I really don’t want to do it, I’ll just wear a short sleeved shirt.
There’s a good chance the prosecution or defense isn’t going to want a guy with a lot of tattoos.
That way, it’s entirely their call.
I’ll just be showing up as me.
Good Idea and wear your Bike Helmet and park your motor cycle out front .

I don’t wear a helmet… it messes up my hair. :D :cool:




He he ... But maybe you should cause it would be more effective. Then they might think you are part of a biker gang and immediately dismiss you.
Hey my friend, bikes are so cool. I've riden as a passenger but never took the big leap of actually riding one by myself, too scared.
I'd think he was carrying FAAAAR too many keys to be trustworthy. Or is an Almighty Janitor

(if those even ARE keys... Kinda hard to tell.)


Those are mostly my personal keys, two sets of most keys, incase I loose one set.
I have another larger set I carry at work on the other side. (14 houses and one apartment style building)

Good thing I’m not a crook… I can’t sneak up on anyone. :)

One day I walked into one of the houses at work. The staff there didn't recognize me and almost called 911.
Evidently, she took one look at me and didn't trust me.
Hey my friend, bikes are so cool. I've riden as a passenger but never took the big leap of actually riding one by myself, too scared.

Here you go.
Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

They walk you through, step by step, everything you need to know.
And I know here in Minnesota, they provide a small bike for everyone and if you pass the course, you immediately get your license. :cool:

You don’t have any excuses now. :D
I thought you're supposed to wear the helmet on your head
As a rider myself, I would rather not lose my peripheral vision and my hearing while on the road.

It's dangerous enough riding a motorcycle without losing the ability to see a 4 wheeler coming up along side you or being able to hear the threat.

In addition to that, Kansas enacted helmet laws for riders under the age of 18. That is passengers under 18 years old "MUST" wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle.

Since then, 1,800 children have been killed because they were wearing a helmet. Strapping a 2 pound weight to your head is a great way to snap your neck, as this new law has proven.

Let those who ride decide! :cool: