Just got accepted/activated:)

Just got accepted/activated:)

I am SO bad with figuring out the ins and outs of forums and the workings of them. Bear with me if I have started wrong already in posting this intro!

I am Sandy and a woman of the Lord (by His grace and in spite of me) and a wife to a man I share five children with. We are now blessed also with two Daughters-in-Love and two grandchildren with another on the way.

We have two children still living at home and we share it with three indoor beagles and two indoor cats.

I bake, cook ... a lot (smiles) ... am blessed to be a homemaker... am growing an organic garden (not certified kind of organic but as natural as we can manage) and have recently started quilting. I made TWO small quilts! ;)
Thought I never would but the Lord's Spirit is my teacher!

I love reading, am a writer, and believe I'm called to encourage and serve in hospitality along with other things God shows me on the way.
I do not like writing about myself and have never been comfortable doing so...
and will end with that.

Looking forward to diving in here:)
Welcome, Sandy! So glad to see you here. Thanks for sharing about yourself with us. [I also have two cats and my daughter, who doesn't live with us as she is an adult, has a beagle.] :D

in Christ, :fish:
Welcome Sandy! So glad that you've joined us here and am looking forward to getting to know you and joining in fellowship with you in serving our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Blessings, Cheri
Hi Sandy, and Welcome!!

It's very nice to meet you.

You're starting out just fine.

Make yourself right at home, and don't hesitate to ask for any help, that is what we "Helpers" and "Moderators" are here to do.

Also,...Please review these two topics...


Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

Just click on each one, and you will be re-directed, they will explain some common mistakes and also contain some very helpful hints to guide our new members.

And as always, Feel free to ask any questions, one of us will usually respond very quickly. :)


Only 2? My wife must be running a cat farm! LoL!:D
It is wonderful to have you here with us!
I applaud you for saying you are a blessed homemaker! I feel the same way! I love it, praise GOD for such a special blessing.

hope you feel right at home here as well!
I have been looking for a place with christians whom I can talk to on the web. It is great to have found this site and I am excited to look at what I will be blessed with from here.