This is a song about faith in Jesus Christ and about keeping that faith strong, vibrant and ongoing. It begins with repentance and obedience to Jesus Christ and to his commands for our lives. It moves from there to our daily walk of fellowship in his love. We cannot have fellowship with God if we are not obeying him or if we are still holding on to our past sins. Jesus said that if anyone is to follow him he must die daily to himself and to sin and must follow Christ in full obedience and surrender to his will for our lives. From this foundation of faith we then grow in our faith and our trust in our Lord to meet us in all of our needs.

As well, we will face spiritual battles with our enemy of our souls, Satan, and we must put on the armor of God daily so that we can fight off Satan’s attacks against us. We must determine and be resolute that we will, in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit within us, not deny Christ Jesus, not bow to the gods of men or to men as our god, not stop speaking in the name of Jesus Christ, and not stop sharing the gospel message. We must determine that by God’s grace of salvation at work within us in cleansing us of all sin that we will no longer allow sin to rule our hearts, but we will make Jesus our only Lord. Amen!

Keep On! / An Original Work / December 15, 2011

Praise the Lord! Praise Him now!
Before Him humbly bow.
Repent of your sins now.
Turn to Him; obey now.
Walk in fellowship with Him daily,
And abide in His truth.
He will forgive you,
And He’ll cleanse you,
And He’ll give you new life.

Trust in Him. He is truth.
He will not forsake you.
Rest in Him. Let Him lead.
He will meet all your needs.
Obey His ev’ry word to you,
And listen to all He says.
He will be faithful
In all His promises,
So rest in Him.

Do not bow – gods of men.
Let Christ rule in your hearts.
Do not stop – share your faith.
Keep on: speak Jesus’ name.
Share His truth with all He leads you to
Be a witness for Him.
Never yield to sin
Against your God.
Obey Him in ev’ry way.