My friend was told that he was dieing and then his wife found some information on keifer. She obtained seeds from an aborigine from Australia who did not charge her because he said keifer "is a gift from God". Her husband started drinking it and can walk, is off oxygen and is farming again! Honestly, we did not think that he was going to live either.

We have been drinking it ever since as well because he gave us some of the seeds. They get bigger, like coral in the ocean, and you seperate it and give it to friends. The gentleman in Australia said that "as we received, we were to give the gift to others".

So, if any of you want to make your own keifer, I have seeds to share. Just let me know. I can send them by mail.



I am just curious- just what exactly is keifer? Is it known by any other names?
Actually, I don't know if anyone really knows what real keifer is. A product is made commercially that is called keifer which actually isn't keifer because it can't be made in stainless and the health department says food must be made in stainless, so they make a "fake" one. Real keifer is made from spongy looking bits that grow and are called seeds. They grow like coral in milk so eventually you have too much and you pinch some off and share them around.

Place the seeds in a glass jar and cover with milk and let set for 24 hours in a cool dark place (under a kitchen cabinet) and you get a pudding type stuff. Strian the seed from the liquid and put the seed in another clean glass jar and cover with milk for the next batch in 24 hours. Drink he milk you have taken off the seeds. It is pretty good by itself, like plain liquid yogurt, but I add some strawberry yogurt to flavor it.