Kids These Days...

Kids These Days... I was sleeping soundly this morning, dreaming about something that I don't remember right now, really into it, and the phone rings.

An automated voice that sounded like a lady talking with a mouthful of crackers told me: "This is the school calling to inform you that there will be no school today due to the possibility of snow."

I hung up the phone. That was good to know. It would be even better to know if I had a kid that went to that school. I don't.

Then, in the misty mist of sleepiness, it dawned on me...

Now just wait a minute here! I sat upright in bed. They're going to cancel school because it MIGHT snow???

MIGHT snow???

When I was a kid, it would be coming down outside, flakes as big as baseballs, and they'd still make us stay until the end of the day. I had to stand at the bus stop for two hours before hearing that there was a two-hour delay! I had to walk to school, ten miles, in snow up to my chest, uphill both ways! On Christmas Day, they let us out for a half-hour to open our Christmas gifts, then we had to go back to class!:mad::D this day and age, they're canceling school because it MIGHT snow?


'snot fair!:eek:
I can remember standing in pouring, freezing rain for a half an hour waiting on the bus- our kids have it made!
I remember one time standing at the bus stop in the rain. This guy pulled over and started to roll down his window and I got ready to run away from this bad person...

"It's Saturday!" he yelled at me.

Back in my day ,when we lived in a shoe box in corner of mill, and rats were as big as small ponies, and we all shared half a slice of bread for a week!
You'd have to be from northern england to understand the funny side of this!:cool:
50 years ago, a child would be awakened on a school morning by Mom, who had already been up for two hours doing household tasks. The child would sit down to a hot breakfast with Mom, Dad and the rest of the family and TALK with everyone with family respect, love and bonding. Then, the child would either walk to school on safe sidewalks or take a school bus and sit QUIETLY and study while in route. On Worship Day, the entire family would get their good clothes on and attend church together.

Today, in many cases, the children get themselves up, if they get up at all, they wolf down a Pop Tart and drive to school with their own car ( if 16 or older) and talk on their cell phone all the way to their classroom. They can't walk to school because they might get shot in a drive-by gang shooting. They never see the rest of the family because "Mom" or "Dad" are working all the time and are taking part in the 'social scene' with friends after work. Single parent households are common and the children have no family role models to identify with. Children in many cases today have no concept of God, goodness or righteous values because their parents and grandparents are much too busy to care about teaching the young these days.

The strong values that defined the family 50 to 100 years ago have all but disappeared and have been replaced with a singleness and an "I want everything for me" attitude filled with dislikes and bitterness.

The family that DOES continue the traditions of Family from times gone by, is indeed, rare these days.
The liberal agenda to free this nation from God is spawning a godless generation.
I also remember back in school, one of the elders came in and taught us how to sing "Yes, Jesus loves me!" in Indian.

Can't do that today. Yeesh, they're even trying to take the words "Under God" out of the Pledge!

A couple of years ago, my nephew got kicked out of Good News, and he was told never to come back!:mad:

(shows how rotten my nephew was to make the Good News lady that angry, he he he):p

I still tease him about it today: Michael, remember when you were so rotten that you got kicked out of Good News?

He gets a kick out of it (he has tamed down quite a bit).
And speaking of kids these days...

My nephew told me recently that they don't have to shower anymore after P.E. (okay, now, that's just gross!)

They get to chose pizza or burritos for lunch. We never got that choice. It was either eat what we got or go hungry.

They have soda machines in the lobby. Wait a minute...they have a LOBBY now?:rolleyes:

The school bus picks them up at the end of the driveway. Now just a cotton-picking...! I had to walk, really, about a mile to the bus stop!

The school supplies list that came out before school started this year included a spell-checker! Yeesh, back in school we had to learn how to spell those words on our own.

They get three warnings. If they're caught text-messaging three times, they get their phones taken away until the end of the day. Wow! If we got caught passing notes, the teacher would read the notes outloud to the entire class!:eek:

Kids these days...

I never got busted for passing notes....but I did beat Super Mario Land on my gameboy in 1st period Math class. n_n
Kids These days

I will try to be realistic. When I went to school if we were to get over 1 foot there was a strong chance school would be canceled the next day. Now if there is a dusting the possibilities of an early out and/or there will be no school the following day is great. What is so different about this? Well I lived in western PA then and now I live in southeastern Virginia where snow is not an every Winter day possibility and snow removal equipment is not as plentyful.:p
Yesterday, there was a dusting.

They canceled school for yesterday AND today!:mad:

Back in my day, we never knew if they were going to cancel until we were standing at the bus stop, he he he:D

...then I heard on the news this morning, they're tacking on an extra day of school for every snow day this year! LOL

Good. My concern is that kids don't spend enough time in school these days. It seems like every month, they get at least two days off for some reason or another.

In my day, days off were rare and far between.
I will try to be realistic. When I went to school if we were to get over 1 foot there was a strong chance school would be canceled the next day. Now if there is a dusting the possibilities of an early out and/or there will be no school the following day is great. What is so different about this? Well I lived in western PA then and now I live in southeastern Virginia where snow is not an every Winter day possibility and snow removal equipment is not as plentyful.:p

You are right about location being a key player in these things. :) I live down in Texas, and around here if it gets cold enough and enough precipitation to generate ice (yes, ice, we rarely ever have snow, but we do get ice), then everything shuts down. The roads freeze up something terrible and there are more car accidents than people can imagine. The roads/ bridges are just not built for cold weather and so they will become sheets of ice. I am sure that the drivers down here don't help matters. I will see them speeding down the road, while I am crawling along at a snails pace, being careful on bridges..... and several minutes later I will pass them as they have spun out and hit another vehicle or the concrete medium. :rolleyes: I just stay as far away from then as possible and pray that they don't spin out while they are speeding past me.
Book - people out here in the boonies were on the news the other night talking about "city folk".

They come out to the country on the weekend and they have crashes, they said. It makes a lot of people nervous, they said, to be around city people who are out driving in the country because they don't know how to drive in the snow!:D

A while back, I was coming home from Portland (the city). These enormous SUVs driven by city people were zooming past me. There was snow on the road, so I kept my caddy to about 5 miles under the speed limit.

Yup. Eventually, I passed one of those SUVs in the ditch.:eek:

I can't drive in the city. Going 55 in a 35mph speed zone with one car on my front bumper and one on my back bumper on a single lane of blacktop the width of a winding walking path makes me go crazy! I get so nervous.

But I can make my car slide in the snow to point me in the direction that I want to go, he he he:p
Whirlwind, every time we drive into the city it scares me to death. I know exactly what you are talking about with those city drivers!!!! Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that I was once one of them for a short few years in my life. :p They race around, stopping for nothing, cutting people off, following too closely, etc. My husband and I moved near a big city a little over 3 years ago because he needed a job. We have stayed living in neighboring towns about 20 miles out from the outer rim of the city. After moving back, our second year here we were in a total of 4 accidents (and several near misses) -- none of them our fault! :eek: That was when I developed this fear of city drivers. These accidents were things like: once we were in a wagon train of cars going 20 mph down a main street in the middle of town, when a driver coming the other direction decided he was hungry and wanted BBQ on our side of the road, so he made a left turn in front of us and of course we t-boned his car. Or another time we were driving past wal-mart on the road, and some idiot decided not to stop as he was exiting the parking lot, and he plowed right into the side of our car, and then took off. How could he not see us when we were right in front of him?!?! I don't trust anyone's driving around here. There was a case on the news the other night where a man was convicted because he bent over while driving to pick something up, and he ran over a woman pushing a stroller, killing the woman..... and he took off and went home not even realizing he had hit a person.
Whenever I'm riding with someone and the police pull up behind us, they're like: "Oh no! The cops!" and they drive so carefully.

Whenever I'm driving and a cop pulls up behind me, I'm thinking to myself..."Oh, thank God!" Because then I know everybody around me is going to be driving carefully. Believe me, I drive like a grampa on sleeping pills. I go the speed limit, I stay in my own lane, I consider it a danger to drive and talk on the cell phone or text at the same time, I don't read the newspaper when I'm driving, there's a rule in my car that there's no arguments while the car is moving, and all passengers are co-pilots that have to help watch traffic.

Once in the city, this muddy pickup tore around me, got in front of me, and then slammed on his brakes!:mad:

...and then what does the driver of this vehicle do? He sticks his hand out the window and gives me the Hawaiin Good Luck Sign! Like I had just done something wrong.

I just wonder what I did to make him so angry?:eek:
Some of these guys have no sense of humor and they way they drive no common sense either. If you are in that much hurry take a plane, ten more minutes of driving beats a trip to the hospital or morgue.
My first experience of driving in America, was when I went to Charlotte NC with some friends,
we got lost in an electrical storm, and ended up driving 'downtown'.
My friend who was driving (thank God it wasnt me) was driving in the fast lane at about 20 mph and lighting bolts were almost hitting the road in front of us,
I truly thank God we survived and found our way back to our hotel, it really was a miracle!