Kill the Messenger

Has anyone seen the recently released film "Kill the Messenger"?

I would like to know if there are any Protestant Christian organizations anyone knows of, including so-called "Fringe Group Denominations" that are doing anything besides being quietly obedient in non response to tyranny of alleged authorities as is supposedly recommended by Paul in his book of Romans chapter 13.

"Walk as becometh the Gospel of Christ. You will no longer mind
high things, but make yourselves equal to men of low degree. You will
no longer value men and women according to their wealth or outward
appearances, but according to their virtue, as the love of God
appeareth in them...You will be most zealously opposite to that which
is opposite to God, You will find it nothing to hazard your lives for
God, in defense of his Truth from error, in defense of your brother or
neighbor from oppression or tyranny.

"Love makes you no longer your own, but God's servants, and prompts
you to do his will in the punishment of all kinds of exorbitances,
whether it be breach of oaths, breach of trusts or any kind of
injustice whatsoever, and be no respecter of persons.

"You will when need requires, that is, when tyrants and oppressors
endeavor by might and force to pervert all laws and compacts among
men, and to pervert the Truth of God into a lie, interpreting his
sacred word as a Patron of their unjust power, as if any unjust power
were of God and were not to be resisted.

"I say such insolencies as these will inflame your zeal, and set you
all on fire manfully to fight the Lord's Battle, and bring into
subjection those abominable injunctions and unGodly courses of men.

"Your judgments will be so well informed, as you will know these
things are by God referred to you, and you will not resign them up to
Him, but willingly sacrifice your lives and your fortunes, and all
that is near and dear to unto you, rather than suffer his name to be
so blasphemed, or your innocent brethren, or your wives or your
children to become a prey to wicked and bloodthirsty men.

"The politicians of this world would have religious men to be fools,
not to resist, by no means, lest you receive damnation: urging God's
holy Word while they proceed in their Damnable courses. But, beloved,
they will find that true Christians are of all men the most valiant
defenders of the just Liberties of their Country, and the most zealous
preservers of true Religion, vindicating the Truths of God with their
Lives, against all unGodliness and unrighteousness of men, making
thereby the whole world to know that true Christianity hates and
abhors tyranny, oppression, perjury, cruelty, deceit and all kinds of
filthiness, and true Christians to be the most impartial, and most
severe punishers of all kinds of wickedness of any men whatsoever."

(From "The Power of Love" by John Sweeting, London.September 19, 1643)


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I'll look around to see if there is a more relevant thread to post my inquiry to. I am just a old Catholic with an interest in the more radical protestant Denominations like they had during the Civil Wars, English and American -
Nothing more stupefyingly insane than professing Christians at war on opposing sides. How do governments or corporate bureaucracies like we have now get away with it?

Grant Melville

Account Closed
I was gathered with the brethren recently on the Lord's day, and we were having an inquiry together into the scriptures, reading Revelation 13. One thing that struck me was the verses which say, "If any one has an ear, let him hear. If any one leads into captivity, he goes into captivity. If any one shall kill with the sword, he must with the sword be killed. Here is the endurance and the faith of the saints." (Revelation 13:9-10). Chapter 13 of Revelation is about events during the seven years of the tribulation, and the earthly saints spoken of are the Jewish remnant. I asked an older brother afterwards if that verse was a warning to the enemies of the saints, a pronouncement of judgement on them for their treatment of God's people. He told me that it was a warning to the saints themselves, not to try to take captive or kill their aggressors, and he also said that we could write that verse across the Christian dispensation. It was never in the divine mind that Christians should take up arms against their oppressors, whether that happens to be the government or some other group. If we look at the history of the testimony, we see that taking up the sword in defence of faith has inevitably led to captivity and death.